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Implement new layout for InstantTranslate



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      Implement new layout for InstantTranslate as discussed with the consortium members.
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      Implement new layout for InstantTranslate as discussed with the consortium members.
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      Please implement the new layout for InstantTranslate, as shown here:


      complete overview:

      Important in addition to the layout are the following logical changes:

      • So far the order always is: First matches from the terminology (if they exist), second matches from TM (if they exist), third the answers from MT.
        In the future this should stay like this with the exception that fuzzy-matches from TM should be last in the order, after MT (see second screen). If this should be changed on the server side, Aleks should do that. Please coordinate
      • (1) If possible with reasonable effort it should be possible to select the languages also by keyboard in the new design
      • When a Fuzzy-Match for a TM is returned, the message "Attention" Fuzzy Match (x%)" should be extended to "Attention" Fuzzy Match (x%) - the source in the Translation Memory differs from your query. Differences have soft grey background."
        And below this sentence the full source of the segment in the TM should be shown with differences with soft grey background (like in the screen of Laudo).
      • The button "Übersetzen" is only shown, if a new config switch (to be introduced by Aleks) is configured in such way, that no auto-translate is triggered.
      • as the screens show, a TM match that is 100% match is underlined green. In general ist like that:
        • Balken grün: Treffer aus TBX oder 100% TM,
        • Balken grau: Maschinen-Überstzung bspw. DeepL
        • Balken rot: Fuzzy-Treffer, also TM Treffer mit < 100%
      • Naming of the different language resources in InstantTranlate should be like this:
        • Anstatt TermCollection: Terminologiedatenbank (translate5)  EN: Terminology database (translate5)
        • Anstatt OpenTM2: Translation Memory (translate5)  EN: The same as German
        • Anstatt GroupShare: Translation Memory (Trados GroupShare)   EN: The same as German
      • if the name of a language resource is to long for the available space it does NOT break to another line, but is abbreviated with "..."
      • file-translaation is only possible at least one machine-translsation (e.g. Deepl) is defined
      • if a file format is selected for upload that is not supported by translate5, a message is shown and the file is not uploaded.
      • regarding uploaded files area:
        • zuoberst diejenigen, die als letzte hochgeladen wurden
        • Bei Anzeige übersetzter Dateien, evtl. nur die anzeigen die auch der Quell/Zielsprache entsprechen
        • grün unterstrichen diejenigen, die fertig sind und heruntergeladen werden können (im Screen ist das Feld, das grün unterstrichen ist und 100% zeigt irritierend und vermutlich ein Missverständnis des Designers, brauchen wir so nicht)
        • rot wo ein Fehler auftrat
        • grau und mit Fortschrittsbalken diejenigen, die noch in Verarbeitung sind.

      (1) this is not possible with reasonable effort.




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