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Improve maintenance mode



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      • See Screenshot. there is to much space between the lines. TL: fixed in translate5 default module, see Portal also!
      • Also the Timezone of the timestamp must be added to the displayed timestamp. TL: fixed
      • The EN translation was fixed with version 2.5.31.
      • The application name "Translate5" must be changeable (should be possible through custom translations)
        → changed by replacing "Translate5" with "The application"
      • A freetext should be configurable which is then additionally shown (to message or inform users about bigger maintenances)
      • There should be an additional functionality to send an announcement of the maintenance to all pms / admins
        • The email should come from translate5, so we know all needed users and their languages → DONE
        • Trigger of the email? New commandline function announce or something, so that all users can be emailed with a specific template → DONE
        • User Group is configurable per instance
      • There should be a script on the server to put all installations into the maintenance mode (for server maintenance)
      • If the server is down (not only translate5 update running, but Apache or OS down for reboot), still our maintenance page should remain and the application should reload, as soon everything is online again.
      • The initial Import / Export Workers (in general all long running ones) have to check if maintenance mode is announced. They should not start in the time before maintenance. (Probably covered in TRANSLATE-744?)
      • If maintenance mode is started, and we reach the "throw MaintenanceException" code place, then we should send an admin email as reminder that the maintenance mode is active. Max One E-Mail all 5 Minutes, the first may not come earlier as 5 Minutes after maintenance mode start. The 5 Minute stuff can be checked with the mem cache analogous to the session clean up → done on our server with a separate cronjob, no need for generall purpose
      • Enable a way so that dedicated users can test the installation in maintenance
        • Easiest way: via login lock, since a real exclusion is to complicated. → DONE
      • On the Server we need one script to enable/disable (control in general) the maintenance mode of all instances (needed server maintanance, must be communicated to inetsolutions).
        • Similar script should be implemented for the OpenTM2 server, if this server is down, the translate5 installations which are using OpenTM2 should go to maintenance (or in a second step just show a warning that OpenTM2 is DOWN.)
        • partly done with the server-maintance script, OpenTM2 todo noted there as TODO
      • Rebuild the Maintenance Page, so that the reload first checks if the page is available, then the reload of the page is done. This keeps the maintenance page also in the browser when the server is not reachable due reboot. (see also some lines above)


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