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Deadlines and assignment dates for every role of a task



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      Status quo

      At the moment, translate5 knows a single delivery date, which refers to the fact that all users assigned in the "review" workflow step have completed their task.

      It is possible to send automatic reminder to the users by a nightly call of an action of the translate5 cronController.

      Different assignment date and delivery date and reminder for each user in the workflow

      Separate delivery date

      Goal of this issue is, that for every user that is assigned to a workflow role for a task a separate delivery date can be set.

      Implementation details

      Task properties

      • In the task properties user tab 3 new date columns are added
        • "Assignment" / "Zuweisung"
        • "Finished" / "Abgeschlossen"
        •  "Deadline" /  "Deadline"
      • in the task properties user tab a new form field "Deadline" is added
      • Rename
        • "Associate users to task" => "Users" / "Benutzer"
        • "Associate language resources" => "Language resources" / "Sprach-Resourcen"

      Task overview

      • Rename the current column "status" to "Task status" / "Aufgabenstatus" and only show the task status there (currently this is mixed with the job status). Reenable this filter and repair/change it to only filter for the task status.
      • A new column "My job status" / "Mein Job-Status" is created. It lists all job statuses for all potential jobs the current user has for the task
      • A new task overview column "My job deadline" / "Meine Deadline" is created
        • that lists all deadline deads for jobs of the current user comma separated.
        • the date turns red, if the deadline is overdue
      • In the task overview the current "delivery date"
        • is removed
        • if a date is set in this column, this date currently reflects the deadline for all assigned reviewers. Therefore it needs to be migrated to the new deadline date for the reviewer assignments: All reviewer assignments of this task need to have the old "delivery date" set as a deadline.
        • is removed from the "add task" window and also the API. This is a backwards-incompatible change in the API, that needs to be communicated to users.
      • Analogous for the column "delivery date (real)"
        • Regarding data migration: The old "delivery date (real)" is the date, when the last reviewer finished a job. It needs to be set as "Finish date" for all reviewers.
      • For the advanced filters implemented with TRANSLATE-1493 3 more filter dimensions are added to the pop-up of advanced filters:
        • "Assignment date of user/s" / "Benutzer-Zuweisungsdatum"
        • "Finish date of user/s" /  "Benutzer-Abschlussdatum"
        • "Deadline of user/s" / "Benutzer-Deadline/s"
      • Also show all 3 additional columns with the 3 above dates in the tooltip over the usercount column for each listed job assignment. For usability reasons a column header should be added to the table, that the tooltip contains.


      For the separate delivery date of every role a reminder mail can be send by the translate5 cronController. How much time before the deadline a reminder will be send can be defined in the configuration of translate5

      KPI integration

      In the KPI window the following average times are added analogous to the "Bearbeitungszeit Lektor":

      • "Processing time translator" / "Bearbeitungszeit Übersetzer" (before the processing time reviewer)
      • "Processing time "Check by translator" / "Bearbeitungszeit Überprüfung durch Übersetzer" (after the processing time reviewer)

      In the KPI window abovve the KPIs in the grey area of the window please add the sentence: "Average times refer to all times in the current filter set." / "Durchschnittliche Zeiten beziehen sich auf die Zeiten in der aktuellen Filterung."

      KPI: Average processing time

      Also, for KPI (https://jira.translate5.net/browse/TRANSLATE-1839) change how to calculate the average processing time for the tasks. This must be done both in editor_Models_KPI (getAverageProcessingTime()) and in KpiTest ($taskStartDate, $taskEndDate).

      • Current implementation:
        • startDate: order date
        • endDate: delivery date (real)
      • With TRANSLATE-1455, change these to:
        • startDate: assigned
        • endDate: review delivered



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