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InstantTranslate: Translate text area segmented against TM and MT and Terminology



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      translate5 should recognize, if there are segments in the text area input.

      If yes, it should split the text in the text area in segments and send each segment on its own to all available language resources in the same way, as it would send it to them, when in currently would be the only content of the text area.

      Characters that lead to splitting segments will be:

      • a dot "."
      • a whitespace "new line" \n
      • a whitespace "carriage return" \r
      • a colon ":"
      • a question mark "?"
      • an exclamation mark "!"

      Resulting empty segments should not be send to the language resources in order to save traffic.

      From the results, use:

      • TermCollections: "preferred_term"; if not available: one that is "allowed" (= marked green); if not available: none. If there are mutliple results of the same level, take the first.
      • TM: if there are multiple 100%-macthes, take the first. No Fuzzy-Matches.

      In the interface of translate5 the result will be displayed as one text block, formated identically to the text block in the source language. Above each segment a tooltip will show the translation source. Above the complete block it will say: "Translation based on ..." and instead of "..." the used language resources are listed.


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